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    Friday, June 23, 2017   /   by Paige Tonz

    Top 3 reasons YOU should invest in buy and hold (aka rental) properties!

    Depreciation and lowering tax liabilities
    Only investment you can borrow money to purchase investment and let someone else pay it off
    Creates a controlled retirement plan

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    What is depreciation?

    The process used to deduct the costs of buying and improving a rental property

     Rather than taking one large deduction in the year you purchase a rental property, depreciation distributes the deduction across the life of the property

     Remember! Land does not depreciate

     Each year depreciation reduces your year’s tax obligation

     What?! You can borrow money to invest? YES!

    This is called leverage! What is leveraging in real estate investments

     It is using a loan or other people’s money to buy a property

     Example: Buying a house using a mortgage (not your money)

     When you borrow money, you are g ...

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    Monday, February 06, 2017   /   by Paige Tonz

    Why leasing solar panels are a bad investment for your home

    Here are the facts. The average home sells in 5-7 years. The typical lease term for solar panels is approximately 20 years, under or over. Meaning, the potential buyer is not only buying a home, but a lease obligation as well. Although solar leases have made going solar possible for 100,000s of Americans, it is also an increasing problem for buyers and sellers.

    There can be complications with both leasing and buying solar panels for your home. One of those major complications is when a home on the market has leased solar panels. When there is a lease for solar panels on the property, this can scare away home buyers due to the long-term obligation of the lease. Some buyers will say they love the home, but are hesitant to sign a contract unless the remaining lease payment is bought out, which could range from $1,000-$25,000. Even if a buyer is in the process of purchasing the seller’s home with solar panels, there is no guarantee that the leasing company will approve the ...

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